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Gordon Sinclair New Jersey


Gordon Sinclair is a seasoned real estate investment professional, outdoor enthusiast, and family person who currently resides in New Jersey, but also spends time in New York and Vermont.

Gordon grew up in Central New York, where he was introduced to winter and water sports as a child. An appreciation of nature and being outside was passed to Gordon by his parents, who were incredibly active and spent the majority of their time outdoors. His father, a ski racer and a competitive sailer, taught him how to navigate the slopes and the water. His parents passed these skills onto their children, as well as many other challenging and mindful activities.

For Gordon Sinclair, there’s nothing quite like the effect of nature. While he doesn’t consider himself an “adrenaline junkie,” he does find being outdoors fills him with excitement. The feeling of his body moving as the sun and wind hits his face helps him feel more alive.

Now, as a parent himself, Gordon’s life has come full circle. He and his family spend as much time outside as possible, hiking, fishing, and playing sports. His son, Liam, loves to ski at just five years old, and his daughter, Isla, isn’t quite walking yet but loves being strapped into a harness to join in on hikes. He feels quite blessed to be able to bond with his children in such an active way.

Professionally, Gordon Sinclair is a seasoned real estate investment professional with over two decades of experience. He graduated from Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, and was a dual major, earning degrees in both Policy Studies and Geography. His first job out of college was as a Closing Coordinator for McMahon, Kubrick, McGinty & Smith PC, a law firm with a real estate department.

While there, Gordon realized he enjoyed the business aspect of real estate more than he liked the legal side. After all, real estate had always been a large part of his life. At just eight years old, he was helping his father rehabilitate houses, and he’d always owned numerous properties. He returned to school, eventually obtaining both an MBA and MS in Information Systems, and began working in the real estate investment industry.

Gordon Sinclair loves how tangible real estate is—you can see and feel your progress. The market has movement that is in constant flux, therefore presenting fresh challenges and obstacles to overcome. For example, in the next few years, Gordon predicts real estate will see a positive disruption, due in part to the integration of fintech. Technology will help the industry be more efficient and provide better information and data that will inform decisions for investors, as well as create more job and investment opportunities.

To learn more about Gordon Sinclair and his passion for the outdoors, be sure to check out his blog!

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