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No matter if you’re spending the night in a national park or enjoying a weekend trip on a local campground, everyone is looking for new ways to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. There aren’t many others ways to feel the same joy as camping. With the world changing around us, camping is a great way to go outside and social distance with people closest to you. As camping has changed over the years, there is so much more innovation to come. Here are some of the latest camping trends that will continue to grow and make their mark. 


Brining in technology

By far, one of the most common camping trends is the rise in technology use. Just like our everyday lives, technology has become a vital part of camping. Some newer technologies have made camping easier for those who still want to stay connected to feel safer. GPS trackers, satellites, and WiFi systems can help travelers navigate campsites while staying connected. Another side technology making its mark is the mosquito repellers that keep camping sites clear of the unwanted bugs that are usually in the way.


Eco-friendly accessories

Society has been focusing on conserving the environment, but campers have become more eco-friendly over the years. Environmentally friendly accessories can make a more significant change than one might think. It has been uncommon for campers to overpack their backpacks with harmful products such as paper plates and water bottles. Reusable bottles and disposable meals have become very popular. Campers going on a more extended adventure should consider using fully disposable solar-powered compact grills and lanterns. If people want to continue spending time in the beautiful outdoors, it’s essential to make a conscious choice to limit polluting campgrounds and be a helping hand in preserving the planet.


Structured excursions

The newer generation of campers has been creating innovative trends such as structured group activities rather than alone. This includes guided hikes and outdoor tours that can be done with friends and family. There will always be the campers looking for a sense of solitude as they strive to connect with nature, but expect to see campgrounds filled with large groups making memories.