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As the air becomes a little brisker and the holidays quickly approach, most people think about the indoor activities they can plan with their families. However, just because it’s getting a little colder doesn’t mean all of the festive activities have to move inside. So as winter approaches, here are some fun activities you can plan for the outdoors.

Thanksgiving Football 

While Thanksgiving may look a little different for families this year, with many choosing not to get together as they have in past holidays, you can still take the traditional Thanksgiving Day football game to your backyard. Pair up in even team numbers, grab a football, and have at it. If football isn’t quite your sport, there are tons of other games that you and your family can try. 

Hot Chocolates and Fire Pits

Nothing makes the first snow a little more special than lighting up a fire in the fire pit, grabbing some chocolate bars, marshmallows, and gram crackers. Top it off with some hot chocolate, and you’ve got the perfect snowy evening activity; this is also a great time to share stories or even watch a movie by turning your phone into a projector

Holiday Lights

Almost like magic, all the holiday lights seem to appear after Thanksgiving. For many going out for a walk to see the holiday lights has become a familiar tradition. While there may only be holiday lights drive-throughs this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t partake in a walk around the blog to look at all of the holiday lights. If you have littles, bundle them up in a wagon or stroller and head out with a speaker to blast your favorite holiday tunes. This can also be a great way to help you burn off some of that after dinner turkey as well. 

Ice Skating 

Along with the lights going up for the holidays, many places will have pop-up outdoor ice skating rinks. This is an excellent activity for the whole family, and there are lots of options for those who are new or still learning to skate, such as buckets, walkers, and braces to help you stay stable, and even if you don’t want to let those break your cool, there’s always the wall. There will always be something so magical about being bundled up in the cold crisp air and sliding around on ice skates underneath the stars.

Winter Hikes

After fresh snow, one of the best things to do is go for a hike to see the now white blanketed world around you. Take a few precautions and make sure you are throwing on a good pair of snow boots and make sure that you are going when the sun is still up to avoid getting lost in the dark. These hikes can be excellent with the correct preparation. Pack a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee and head out. 

While we may not have what we consider our regular holiday events this year, there is still plenty that we can do and share with our families to help mitigate some of the potential holiday blues that may surround the year. Participating in any one of these activities is sure to add to your pile of family memories that you will have to share for years to come.