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Ah, the sweet days of summer. A time of family fun, kids making friends, and lots of exciting memories being made. When it’s time to bid a fond farewell to the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, why not make those lingering warmer days ones to remember with some entertaining family activities?


Exhilarating experiences are always a family favorite. Hot air ballooning is a venturesome way to maximize mini-travel, nature, and fascinating learning moments that might never occur if not exposed to the above Earth’s beauty. Stunning observations from the tree-tops offer a whole new vision of nature’s allure and promise.

North America invites hot-air enthusiasts to explore unbelievable moments in many areas. Hot-air ballooning states like Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and several other states welcome families daily.


Kids can now take the taboo element out of playing with their food. All it takes is an enthusiastic group of adventurous participants who dare to explore the impact foods has when thrown on other people physically!

There are two handy rules to help keep the fun, fun. First, all foodstuff must be squish-in-the-hand soft! That means lots of prepared gelatin (Jell-o), mashed potatoes, mashed avocados, apple sauce, cooked oatmeal, scrambled eggs, and so many other mushy options. Second, plastic swim goggles are needed to help keep eyes friendly and safe. The funny and unexpected element of this end-of-summer-surprise game is always a family winner.


Sometimes it’s just lovely to conclude the summer with no-fuss approaches of friendly entertainment. It’s okay to make it a big deal that doesn’t break the bank or inconvenience others to get in on the act.

A fabulous way to present the summer’s finale is by hosting an assortment of summertime fun. That means combining several components in one. Daytime sprinkler-fests, overnight camp-outs, marshmallow roasting firepits, regardless of temperature, are kid-magnets.


Moms and dads, children, and Mother Nature are like two peas in a pod. Mother Nature is a fantastic teacher and part of the “village” of raising kids. From happier children to healthier families, Mother Nature holds the key to winding the summer down.