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Hiking is a great way to get exercise, bond with others, and become one with nature. The best part about going on a hike is that you can decide how far you want to go. Whether it’s several miles or simply a quick hike through a local trail, you should always carry your hiking gear essentials with you. So, what exactly do these essentials consist of? Keep reading to find out! 

A Backpack 

Without a backpack, you won’t be able to carry with you any of your belongings. The size of the backpack you should have all depends on how long your hike is. The longer the hike, the bigger your backpack should be. Your backpack should consist of food, water, a spare change of clothes, and the rest of your gear. 

The Right Clothing 

It’s not ideal to hike in a dress and heels, so be sure you’ve got the right clothes on before heading out. Hiking shoes or trail runners should be your footwear of choice. As far as your clothes are concerned, you’ll want to opt for waterproof and moisture-resistant underwear, shirts, and pants. A long-sleeved shirt is also recommended to keep bug bites at bay. 

Food and Water

Of course, you can’t go on a hike without having the proper nutrition with you. Make sure you have lots and lots of water with you as well as a packed lunch full of easy-to-eat foods such as a sandwich, energy bars, nuts, and jerky. The higher in protein the food, the better. 

First Aid Kit 

Another important thing to have when going hiking is a first aid kit. This is necessary in case of an emergency. Your first aid kit should be full of first aid supplies such as Band-Aids, a splint, gauze, a lighter, and more. 

Miscellaneous Items 

Other items that should be on your hiking checklist include insect repellant, toilet paper, baby wipes, and alcohol wipes, among other things. Cameras and other personal items are also always a good idea to have around.