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Few sports are as challenging or rewarding as skiing. The physical coordination involved is meticulous, but the adrenaline and scenery are just as powerful.

Going skiing is one thing. Deciding where to go skiing is another. If you have the chance to choose between Switzerland or Colorado, though, there are many reasons why skiing in the Alps is a far better experience than skiing in the Rockies.

For one thing, skiing started in the Alps. The sport is part of the Swiss DNA. Maintenance of the massive ski infrastructure in Switzerland is a government responsibility instead of being a private enterprise, as is common in the United States.

Also, while the Alps and Rockies are similar in how tall they are, ski towns in the Alps are more common at different altitudes. The result is longer vertical drops. You can ski 5 miles in Aspen, but you can go 12 miles in Zermatt.

You’ll also stay well-fueled on Swiss ski slopes. Warming huts on Swiss slopes have espresso machines and fondue pots. Switzerland borders Italy and France, and so they’ve learned how to eat and eat well.

One thing you’ll notice about lodging in the Swiss Alps is that you’re going to be very comfortable. Switzerland has the second-highest rate of millionaires in its population compared to all other countries, so luxury is a right.

Luxury accommodations make it very easy to rest up in style after a day on the slopes, and with many slopes not having marked boundaries, it’s straightforward to start freestyling your route if you want to. Those same luxury accommodations also provide lots of comfort to anyone traveling with you that chooses to skip the slopes. They certainly won’t be short on non-skiing activities and entertainment either.

Skiing the Swiss Alps is more than just putting up with some yodeling and accordion music. The traditions of precision and hospitality enrich the experience in ways that American slopes never will.

The sport is just another piece of fabric in the Swiss soul, with many citizens learning how to ski at ages. Americans are taught how to swim. Whether you hit the slopes or just travel with someone who does, you’ll stay in impeccable accommodations and enjoy some of the finest cuisines the world has to offer.