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Although the activity of hiking might seem self-explanatory, there are actually many aspects about hiking that are important to know. You need to be updated on what gear is proper to use, how much preparation you need for different trails, when the best times of day and times of year are to go, and much more. One of the best modern ways to keep yourself informed about hiking information is to listen to podcasts. There are a wide variety of hiking podcasts that exist; we will be discussing the top podcasts to follow in 2021.


The Trail Show

This show is hosted monthly, and brings you all the best of trails, beers to bring during your trip, and everything else to appease your wanderlust. The show primarily focuses on long-distance hikes, but the show’s hosts’ comical dynamic usually leads the conversation into tangents that are amusing for the audience to listen to. As noted on Feed Spot, tuning into this show feels like sitting around a campfire once a month. 


Hiking Thru

This listing is a fan favorite, especially because the advice comes directly from experienced hikers. The hosts interview various special guest speakers to discuss the latest and greatest hiking gear, food to bring, trail angels, strategy, and technique. They provide their insight and wisdom for listeners to get a true sense of what hiking is really about. They feature stories about taking on trails worldwide, such as the Appalachian Trail, John Muir Trail, Pacific Northwest Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and other trails. Since beginning in 2018, this podcast drops an episode once every week. 


Broken Laces: A Hiker’s Podcast

This show is a podcast that true hikers can trust. With episodes spanning about ten times a year, this show features many different stories from people who live their lives on the trails. Some of the special guest speakers include trail angels, park rangers, weekend backpackers, policy advocates, authors, and thru-hikers. This show intends to dive deep into recommendations for specific hikes and even breweries for after your journey. 


The Trail Dames Podcast

This show is hosted by a group of supportive women hikers. They like to refer to themselves as “women who dance upon the earth.” The show consists of different stories from women who hike, some sad, some funny, and all inspiring. Since starting in 2018, the show has a frequency of once a week.